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Deputy County Commissioner for Adult Support


Simon Emmett

I am the Deputy County Commissioner for Adult Support. My role is to manage the adult support functions in the county which includes the provision of training, safeguarding, special needs advice, internal & external communications, international support, and the visits abroad process.

I have been involved in supporting these areas for a number of years in previous roles including being a training advisor, a Local Training Manager.

As part of the senior management team of the county it is my role to support our CC, and the DC's in making the scout association's Vision 2018 a reality. I have been involved in scouting for approximately 30 years, since joining the scout group my gran's cousin founded as a cub. I'm still following in his footsteps as the current Scout troop leader, and I'm also joined in the group by my wife as one of the Beaver Leaders, and my two daughters, one as a Sxout and the other as an Explorer Scout & Young Leader.