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Taking on the role of Group Scout Leader

The role of Group Scout Leader (GSL), is interesting, challenging, exciting and rewarding!

All Scout Groups need a GSL, in fact they are key to the success of the Group. Supporting and managing the adult leadership team, ensuring that they have the resources needed to run their sections, making sure that the local community knows about the Group and that the Sections provide a warm welcome to everyone who wants to be involved are the main responsibilities of the role.

Additionally, the Group Scout Leader works in partnership with the Group Chairman and together they lead the Group Executive Committee, the board of trustees that run the Scout Group. 

Great Scouting happens at Group level so the GSL is vital in ensuring that the best possible Scouting is available for young people in the area.

Time commitment: 

The time commitment is flexible and depends on the situation of the Scout Group. There is an expectation that you will be able to attend meetings of the Group Executive Committee and keep in contact with the adult in each Section, as appropriate. 

Interested in the role?
Great! We don’t expect you to be an instant expert in everything, over time you will be given the opportunity to gain new skills and ideas through informal support and training opportunities. We will also give you lots of one to one support.

Up for the challenge?
Click here or if you are already an adult in scouting speak to your District Commissioner today!