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Deputy County Commissioner for District Support & Development

Andy Melia


As DCC, my core purpose is to provide more young people and adults with the opportunity to join the Movement and experience the fun of Scouting. I support the County in focusing on improvement and growth and ensure that Districts have the support required to deliver the County's Strategic Vision. I manage the DC Team on a day-to-day basis, providing them with the advice and guidance they need to fulfill their role. I also set the priorities for the County Development Service, working with the Development Sub-Committee to ensure that we have the correct structures in place to employ and support our Development Officers. The County Development Service brings together our volunteers and employees responsible for development to ensure that groups and districts prioritize support to sections, ensuring that standards are consistent across the County and that any new member can access Scouting wherever they are. I joined the County in 2008, starting my London Scouting life as a member of the District Team in Southwark, before being employed by the County as a Development Officer. I took on my current role in December 2011. Before moving to London, I was a group leader in Kent and a member of the 21st World Scout Jamboree Organizing Team and national activities team. Do not hesitate in contacting me or any other member of the District Support & Development Team if you have a question, need some advice or have an idea on how we can improve and grow Scouting in South London. We are always there to listen and provide support.