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Sub-committees of the County Executive Committee

The County Executive Committee has appointed a number of sub-Committees to manage devolved responsibilities and to help with the governance of the County. These are:

Premises and Health & Safety sub-Committee

This sub-Comittee monitors and controls the premises policies and budgeting controls on behalf of the County Executive Committee, including all Health and safety relating to the use of the South London Scout Ccentre.

Appointments Advisory Panel/Committee

The Appointments Advisory Committee’s main function is to assist with the process of appointing adults in Scouting by advising on their suitability. This includes new appointments, change of roles and appointmnet reviewx.

Finance sub-Committee

The Finance sub-Committee has devolved operational responsibility for financial management on behalf of the County Executive Committee and makes recommendations on appropriate financial management controls to the trustees. The County Treasurer is the trustee with day-to-day responsibility for financial management, acting on behalf of County Executive Committee.

The County Developement Steering Group Sub-Committee

The County Development Service (CDS) remains central to the County’s approach to recruitment and development and this County Development Steering Group has devolved operational responsibility for the management of the County's employed staff and the managment of the County Development Service on behalf of the County Executive Commitee. The sub-Committee makes recommendations on appropriate management controls to the board of trustees. 

12 Aug 2016, 11:30