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July POR update

Published by UKHQ...

Scouting’s Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) provides support and guidance to help us all run Scouting. We have are issuing a revised version now to include some important changes to the Child Protection Policy and to the rules affecting people without a valid disclosure.  

The changes to the Child Protection Policy reinforces the importance that Scouting places on its duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and in large part is a formal reflection of the practices already in place. 

The changes to the rules around disclosures enables the mandatory suspension of people without a valid disclosure. 

We have also taken the opportunity to make some other amendments to provide clarity or correct minor errors where these have come to our attention. In response to feedback received we have amended the font used which will allow members to copy and paste from the document if they find this useful. 

POR is available to view and download in individual chapters below or in a single pdf document.

Click here for a list of the Amendments in the new edition.

14 Aug 2016, 19:45