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County Development Service

Development =
Better scouting for
more young people!

The main focus of the County Development Service is the growth of scouting across South London Scout County.

What is development?

Development is thinking about ways you can deliver even better Scouting to more young people, and prioritising those ideas. There are so many ways to do that, including:

  • Opening a new section

  • Recruiting new adults

  • Building community support

  • engaging with the parents of your members.

In short, if your plans intends to enrich the Scouting experience you can bet it will be development!

Scout Group Action for Growth

The most important element of developing Scouting is to support the Scout Groups which already exist – in South London we do this by offering to facilitate “action planning sessions”.

Whilst this might sound quite formal, it’s not! A planning evening is a chance for everyone in a Scout Group to work together and identify the areas they need support with.

Using experience gained from other Scout Groups across the County and around the UK, our Development Team helps you put a simple action plan together and help you to turn the plan into reality. The result is a happier, stronger Scout Group, which in turn will result in more members!

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To discuss how this could benefit your Scout Group, email:


Group Scout Leader induction

The Group Scout Leader: the key role in Scouting!  Keeping everyone happy, making sure the sections have a vibrant programme and ensuring that the Group is administratively sound is a sizeable task!

We can help make it easier by giving Group Scout Leaders one-to-one sessions to break down the role and make sure they have all the “tools for the job” they need. Get in touch so we can help you too.

Section start-up

Scouting is in high demand across South London – in many areas of the County supply outstrips demand and the only way to cope is open new sections!

This might sound like hard work, but in reality it can be great fun – and very rewarding too. As a development team, we have supported the opening of a number of many Sections and Groups and have some tried and tested methods to follow.

Ask how we can help you do this too.

Support for recruitment

Constantly recruiting young people and adults means that Scouting in South London will continue to flourish. We can help you to run recruitment events, both with parents and the wider community, and provide some simple (and fun) recruitment tools to help you do this:

Recruitment stands - we can work with you to run a recruitment stand at a local community event and promote Scouting to more people

Scout Group recruitment leaflet – with information about all age ranges, volunteering and space for your own contact details

Friendship Award – during 2013, we will launched a friendship award badge, to be awarded to young people who introduce a friend to Scouting who goes on to be invested.

Publicity Activities – when you go to school fairs or local events, do you want something more interesting than leaflets on your stand? Let us show you how you can bring your stand to life and get lots of people wanting to talk to you! (we can lend you the equipment you need).

To borrow our promotional equipment, request leaflets or support, email click here.

Other examples of how we can help include:

  • Help with recruitment and retention of adults
  • Assist with engaging with local communities currently under represented in Scouting
  • Assisting with District recruitment events and activities   
  • Supporting the launch of a new Scout Active Support unit.

Our Development Officer

Matt Butterfield

Matt looks after development across the County and can help with development at all levels he is also on hand to offer advice, help and support on the development of Scouting in your Group.

You can contact Matt on:

07766 540 057


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