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The Beaver Scout Leaders' Year Book

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This publication was developed in the early 1990 and provides an abundance of programme ideas based on celebrations and anniversaries of people, places, events, inventions and buildings.

It was oringinaly available in four quarterly editions from the Resource Centre at Gilwell Park and is made up as follows:

  1. Programmes from January to end of March

  2. Programmes from April to end of June

  3. Programmes from July to end of September

  4. Programmes from October to end of December

Each quarter also includes ideas for 'High Days and Holidays', to give that extra boost to parties and outings. Also with each quarter is an international section so that you and the Beaver Scouts can experience and enjoy the customs and celebrations of different countries.

The complete Year Book gives you four different anniversaries or celebrations for each week of the year -a total of 208 themes.

Each of these has a variety of activities including suggestions for games, handicraft ideas, outings, visitors, songs and so on, together with names of useful contacts, where appropriate. Use of local knowledge and resources will enhance many of the themes.

The ideas contained in this section provide suggestions for parties and outings with a difference -one for each month of the year. You can either use the ideas as written, select and adapt some of them or pick and mix from 'Programmes' and 'International'. Talk about it with your Beaver Scouts so that you have a special celebration that is planned together.

This section contains information and ideas to give a truly international flavour to your Colony meetings. The twelve countries chosen also appear in the 'Programmes' section so, as mentioned previously, you have the option to 'pick and mix'. However, this section gives you more factual information (as of 1990) about the countries, e.g. population, important towns and industry. You and the Beaver Scouts will be able to prepare and taste traditional food, have a go at making gifts and craftwork -birthdays are a time for giving and sharing, play a variety of authentic games, all of which highlight the culture of these countries.

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Q1: Programmes from January to end of March




   High Days and Holidays


Q2: Programmes from April to end of June




   High Days and Holidays


Q3: Programmes from July to end of September




   High Days and Holidays


Q4: Programmes from October to end of December




   High Days and Holidays