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I Scout to the Beat of My Drum!

8 Jan 2018

In November of 2017 I went with my group to the Lord Mayors Show and saw two good Scout Bands, on the Sunday I went to a remembrance day service in Eltham with over a 120 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders in attendance, one of the Leaders said it would have been great to have marched to a scout band.

So this got me thinking, I was in the London Scottish TA and had marched in the Lord Mayors Show and Remembrance Day services, I spoke to the CC who said there was some equipment in the County and that we could use it and start a Greater London Scout Corp of Drums.

can you play the drums?

do you have a drum?

do you have equipment you can donate?

can you teach a New Band?


This is a new venture for 2018 and one that I hope we can use in the county for many events


Terry Wiggins MBE 

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